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Bio Page

I am a Proud Pleasanton Eagle and have been since I started school here in Kinder. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful daughters, Lily Claire (6) and Charlotte Raine (1). In my spare time I like to read, write for my blog, cook, run, and use my creativity to make things once tattered beautiful again. 
I graduated from Texas A&M San Antonio with a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education and English. I am currently working on a Masters degree in Education and English as well. 
I spent two years teaching English 1-4, Pathways to Success, Creative Writing, and Teen Leadership at an academic alternative school in Floresville. I then moved to Pleasanton Junior High where I taught Resource English, 7th Grade English, and then became the Reading/Writing Interventionist. This is my second year at Pleasanton High school teaching English I and II as well as coaching our Pacesetters. It is my honor to teach students who are a part of the same community that I grew up in.