Mrs. Beth Moos » Welcome to the PHS Library

Welcome to the PHS Library

I am excited to begin my seventh year as the Pleasanton High School librarian.  I love my job because I have the opportunity to work with every student on campus.  Our library is an exciting place because we are striving to obtain and provide an enovative space that nurtures all learners.
I am a class of 1993 Pleasanton High School graduate.  This school is my home and a part of my heart.  I feel fortunate to be able to return and participate in its learning community. 
After high school graduation I attended Texas Tech University where I earned an education degree.  My love for books and awareness of the vital importance of literacy motivated me to pursue and earn a Master's in Library Science.
My goals as the librarian are to instill a love for reading and an awareness of the pleasure that can be gained through reading a good book.  I aspire to provide 21st century learning opportunities through the use of technology in order to prepare students for their endeavors beyond their high school years.