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Criminal Justice/Forensic Science

Location:  Room 304

Classes times:

Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security: 1st Period, 2nd Period

Law Enforcement I: 4th Period 

Law Enforcement II: 6th Period 

Forensic Science:  3rd Period , 7th Period 

Syllabuses for the class(es) you will attend.

Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security:  This course introduces students to the professions of law enforcement, protective services, corrections, firefighting, and emergency management services. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement, courts, corrections, private security, and the protective agencies of fire and emergency services. The course provides students with an overview of the skills necessary to seek and obtain careers in law enforcement, fire service, protective services, and corrections. 

Forensic Science:  This course introduces students to the application of science to connect a violation of law to a specific criminal, criminal act, or behavior and victim. Students will learn terminology and procedures related to the search and examination of physical evidence in criminal cases as they are performed in a typical crime laboratory. Using scientific methods, students will collect and analyze evidence such as fingerprints, bodily fluids, hairs, fibers, paint, glass, and cartridge cases. Students will also learn the history and the legal aspects as they relate to each discipline of forensic science.

Law Enforcement I: This is a Dual Credit Course taught in conjunction with Coastal Bend College   Students will be provided an overview of the history, organization, and functions of local, state, and federal law enforcement.  Students will focus on and study the roles of constitutional law, the United States legal system, and criminal law and how they impact society. Students will be introduced to law enforcement terminology, the classification and elements of crime, and various other aspects that accompany a career in law enforcement.

Law Enforcement II: This is a Dual Credit Course taught in conjunction with Coastal Bend College   Students will explore more complex issues and tactics that apply to the field of law enforcement. Students will take the base knowledge that they learned in Law Enforcement I and use it for more in depth exploration of law enforcement topics.  Some of the areas that will be explored are directly linked with society such as theories behind crime. 

Grading will follow the guidelines that are published in the Student Handbook which begins on page 60.

I encourage students and parents to contact me with questions regarding the content of the courses, grades, or other school issues that are concerning them.

Email: dpitts@pisd.us

Telephone: (830) 569-1250 (please leave a message with the front office staff)

Conference period:  3:05-3:55

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