Dual Credit / AP Info

Pleasanton High School Dual Credit Information


 Pleasanton High School offers dual credit courses through agreements with Del Mar College and Coastal Bend College. 


Academic Dual Credit courses are classes that a student takes that count as high school and college credit. These typically transfer as a "college basic" to other Texas institutions. Some common courses PHS students take are History 1301 and 1302 for their junior year, Government 2305 their senior year, and English 1301 and 1302 for their junior or senior year English. PHS does not have any teacher’s on-campus teaching these courses so they must be taken online. Students should be able to work independently without the day-to-day guidance of a live teacher and must be able to monitor their own performance. Students receive high school credit for these classes but these grades do not figure into a student's grade point average. PHS facilitates enrollment in academic online dual credit courses process through either Coastal Bend College or Del Mar College.


PHS is pleased to currently offer at the PHS campus face-to-face academic dual credit law enforcement/criminal justice, dual credit biology, and dual credit college algebra. Students interested in these courses should speak to their counselor. 


Workforce or CTE Dual Credit courses are courses that students take that are part of a certificate program through an agreement with a community college. These courses typically do not transfer to other institutions. Currently, PHS offers these courses in our health science department. These courses are part of a certificate program at Coastal Bend College. Students should check with their counselor for more information.


Cost of Courses for the 2022-23 school year PISD will pay the cost of tuition for students who enroll in dual credit classes. Students will be responsible for purchasing textbooks or the required online curriculum.


Enrolling in Academic Dual Credit


Students should talk to their counselor about what class(es) they want to pursue. Students should be self-motivated students and able to work independently without the supervision of a teacher. Classes that are online consist of reading and writing a response to what the student has read and reading other students' work and responding to it, as well as taking exams. Students should have a reliable computer and internet access at home. Students should be able to devote at least 9 hours a week to each dual credit course in which they enroll.


Students must QUALIFY to take a dual credit class by taking and passing the required sections of the TSIA test and/or PSAT test. Students interested in dual credit should request a meeting with their counselor to see if they need to take the TSIA test. If they do, their counselor will direct them to sign up for a test date/time. If your student is an 11th grader, they may be exempt from the TSI if they made a qualifying score on their STAAR EOC tests or SAT test. They should check with their counselor to see if they are exempt.


Complete an application online through Apply Texas to Del Mar College or Coastal Bend College depending on through which college the course is taught. See instructions below. Students should follow those specific instructions and not try to do the Apply Texas without them.


Check with the counseling office or nurse’s office to see if their meningitis shot is up to date. College students are required to have an up-to-date meningitis shot, even if they are dual credit students. If their shot is not up-to-date, they will need to get the shot.