Scholarship Information

Welcome! Here you will find important links and documents for scholarships.

A Scholarship is free money that you do not have to pay back.  They are merit based and are often awarded to students for high achievement in an academic or extracurricular area.  Some are need based.  All of them will require some time and effort on your part to find them and complete the application process!
LISTED BELOW ARE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR SENIORS  (If it has "NEW" under the name, we have received the application or link to the application for the current year and posted the due date.)
Also, LISTED BELOW is the PHS Scholarship Application and Athletic Addendum:   EVERY Senior should fill out this application; DUE DATE IS MARCH 21, 2019; several local groups choose their scholarship recipients from this application; AND every athlete is required to submit this application to be eligible for ANY athletic booster club scholarships. 
Here are our top places to find scholarships:
   Also see "The FASFA Process" posted below