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As a Career and Technology teacher I am excited to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills that can help them be more successful.  I am focused on skills that add value to a student's future. 
Principles of Information Technology 
Course content includes: 
  • keyboarding
  • word processing
  • spreadsheets
  • presentation development
  • databases
  • HTML coding basics
  • identify emerging technologies. 
The course also has an employ-ability standards component. 
Money Matters
Course content includes:
  • Institutions and Principles of Money
  • Credit and Identity Theft
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Planning
  • Taxes and Records
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Fiscal Policies
  • Careers
Curriculum Access
I will be utilizing a classroom learning management system through Office 365 TEAM pages.  This system allows me to post assignments and all related documents/links/resources a student may need for those assignments.  Through the TEAM page, students can submit assignments, ask questions, watch tutorial videos.  This web-based classroom allows students to access their assignments even if they are home sick or traveling for school-related activities.  It also allows students to review material that was presented in class if they need more reinforcement.  
Contact Info
Please contact me via the webpage email link with any questions or concerns.  You can also leave a message for me at 830.569.1250.
My conference time is 9:00- 9:50 MWF and 8:55-9:40 Tue & Thur