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Mrs. Diaz - Welcome Page

Welcome, my teaching duties include AP US History, AP Government, EOC US History, and US History. This year I will be working to become the District's Driver's Education Instructor. I will be driving with students who have completed the in-class portion of the course and in the Spring semester I will be taking over the classroom portion as well.

Email is the best way to contact me. Please feel free to contact me at any time:

Campus Phone: 830-569-1250 extension 1635

My conference period is 2nd (9:05 - 9:55). I would be happy to meet with you during this time by appointment. I am also available for tutoring before school at 7:30 and after school on days I am not driving with student.

Parents please remember to subscribe to course pages (class page) in order to stay up to date on your student's class.


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Mrs. Diaz Classroom Rules

Attached are my class rules. Please review these so that you might become better familiar with the expectations and responsibilities of your student in my class. Your help is greatly appreciated in communicating these to your student.  I am confident together we can help your student be successful!