Pleasanton High School


Pleasanton High School Named 2016-2017 Academic District Champions

Several of the teams and participants received medals for their achievements and many of those will be advancing to the Regional competition in Corpus Christi.   


The following students placed in their events.  Selena Morely placed first in Accounting.  Terrance Maloney placed first in Current Issues, Cameron Brinkman placed second, and Diego Diaz placed sixth, with the team taking first place.  In Computer Application, Elizabeth Van Deusen placed first, Alaina Dickson, second and Teana Navarro placed third.  In Feature Writing, Jillian Bartosh received third, Jessica Skelton fifth and Sophia Herrera sixth.  In Headline Writing, Avery Falcon received first, Jillian Bartosh second and Jessica Skelton third.  In Literary Criticism, Jessica Skelton received first, Julia Avery third and Terrance Maloney received fifth, with the team receiving first place overall.  Colin Osborne received third in Number Sense.  In New Writing, Jessica Skelton received first and Jillian Bartosh, second.  Estrella Casias placed first in Poetry.


Sarah Hanzalik placed first in Ready Writing with Noah Aguilar placed second.  Preston Tracy placed first in Chemistry and Physics.   In Overall Science, Preston Tracy placed first and Diego Diaz placed fourth with the team receiving first place.  In Social Studies, Cameron Brinkman placed first, Terrance Maloney second and Diego Diaz, fourth with the team receiving first place.


In Spelling and Vocabulary, Sarah Hanzalik placed fourth and Xavier Norris received sixth, with the team taking second place.  The Journalism team placed first overall, receiving the Journalism Team Champion Award.


Congratulations to all of the participants and especially to those who will be advancing to Regionals.